About Us

We are Hitched. Our mission is to build the technology of tomorrow for the work that stands the test of time.

Long Live Grit

At Hitched, we believe in the American Innovator—the trailblazers in the industrial sector who build better, faster, and smarter. But despite the immense contributions these folks have made in advancing our country and keeping us moving forward, they remain woefully neglected when it comes to technological advances aimed at making their jobs easier.

When we started Hitched back in 2018, it was abundantly clear that the current B2B technology solutions available for industrial markets were seriously lacking. While they do offer centralized management, they’re almost exclusively focused on data entry. Making matters worse, the user interface almost always feels clunky, archaic, and painfully slow.

We know there's a better way.
The new wave of B2B software for industrial markets is designed to be as easy-to-use and sophisticated as the technology you use every day as a consumer. It puts the focus on simplicity, and puts technology and data to work so you can get back to the work you love. These new solutions are proactive, (dare we say) fun to use, and if done right, make you feel superhuman.

In industries built on one-to-one relationships, we believe that the right technology can foster these relationships at scale. Whether you’re in oil and gas or construction, the tech you choose (or don’t choose) will end up being the difference-maker in ROI and profitability.

The advancement of the American Innovator is at the heart of everything we do at Hitched. Our mission is simple: long live grit.

Our partners

At the Forefront of Energy and Technology

We are proud to have the support and expertise of Cottonwood Venture Partners (“CVP”). CVP is an investment firm partnering with digital technology companies that help make energy affordable, safe, and environmentally friendly.

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