4 Ways Hitched Reduces Equipment Rental and Service Costs

Hitched Tips

Hitched is the platform that saves you money, time, and effort with managing rental equipment and services. Read on to find out four ways Hitched streamlines and simplifies your business so you can reduce costs.

1. Smart Marketplace

With the smart marketplace inside Hitched, you find what you need, when you need it—all while saving you time and effort with sourcing and scheduling equipment and services.

2. Provider Comparisons

Compare providers by price, availability, and rating so you can choose the rental equipment and services that are right for you.

3. Reporting and Analytics

Daily reports and analytics by project, equipment type, and provider allow you to quickly identify unneeded equipment and services.

4. End-to-end Accountability

With unparalleled visibility and end-to-end accountability, you easily avoid unnecessary charges.

On average, Hitched users save 15-20% on rental products and associated costs.

Hitched makes saving money, time, and effort managing equipment rentals, services, and logistics easy. Get a demo to see the platform in action today!

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