Sometimes delays or an increase in costs at the job site are out of your control—see environmental delays or an equipment breakdown. But there are a few things you can add or fine-tune in your site management process that can save you time and money at every one of your job sites. That wiggle room gained in time and costs can come in handy when things go wrong that are out of your control. 

Here are a few ways to create the best site management process possible.

Create Better Communication and Visibility 

A job site can have a lot of moving parts, which in turn take a lot of coordination to make sure all the necessary supplies, equipment, materials, and labor get to a site at the right time. To be able to manage your site effectively, you need to be in the loop on everything that is happening at your site—which requires communication and visibility. 

As you know, communication with your team is a vital part of understanding timelines, knowing if you're on schedule, if there are any problems, and so much more. Good communication with your team turns into high-quality, on-time work. 

Visibility into your job site can be just as important when it comes to getting the job done and on budget. Having insights into what equipment and materials are at which job site will help keep rentals on time, tasks on schedule, and can help you solve problems quickly. Whether you do this manually or have site management software to help out, it is a necessary part of keeping track of all the moving parts.

Get the Best Price on Materials and Equipment 

We know getting the best price for materials and equipment is a lot easier said than done. And when using the traditional methods of sourcing quotes, it can definitely be time-consuming and tedious. Traditionally there is a trade-off when finding materials and equipment. Either you spend hours on the phone and internet sourcing quotes to try and find the right price and the right location. Or you are in a time-sensitive situation where you have to settle for whatever price necessary to solve the problem quickly. Industrial marketplaces solve this tradeoff, allowing you to quickly find the assets you need at the right price by having all the options in one place. The time and money saved in this process will keep your job site profitable by reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Get the Right Tech

Having the right technology on your job site can not only make your job easier but make your whole job site more efficient. Let’s take the example of the Hitched platform’s site management capabilities. This software gives you the ability to view everything through the lens of a job site and gain the visibility necessary to streamline operations. You can add, track, and manage your job sites or yards, no matter where they are, in one place. 

By managing your job sites through the platform, you can gain visibility that normally would have required a manual approach. It is important to take a look at what tasks or parts of your job are tedious that could be simplified or automated by tech which will get you back to doing the parts of the job you love. 

Have the Right Team and Tools to Back You Up 

Your team can make a big difference in your job being on schedule and budget. Knowing when to bring in an expert or outsource, having your team trained on how to use certain equipment, and having a crew that doesn’t require micromanaging are all things that make site management so much easier. 

While the quality of your crew is vital to your success, taking the time to manage what impacts their productivity is equally important. By making sure your team has the right equipment, that there's the correct amount of people on-site, and they have the tools to quickly problem solve can help morale and quality of work. 

Site Management is an Art 

Site management is truly an art that takes time and skill to master. Once you are in a routine of how you run and manage your site, it is important to take a step back and see if there are a couple of small tweaks, such as adding tech or how you get your quotes, that can make your job easier and save you money and time.

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