Taking Tech and Growth with the Houston Innovators Podcast

Podcast Appearances
"Change for a startup is like eating breakfast," said Lance Richardson on the podcast. "Ultimately, [our goal] is to be the marketplace management tool for all of oil and gas."

Our Hitched co-founders Adam Gilles and Lance Richardson stopped by the Houston Innovators Podcast this past week to discuss Hitched's technology, rapid growth, and lofty goals.

The Changing Landscape

The shift towards embracing technology has already started within industrial operations. On this technology evolution, Adam Gilles said, "I think streamline oil and gas is what everyone is trying to do. I've always said that industrial technology will follow the path of consumer technology."

That technology evolution is the driving force behind the revolution that our team at Hitched is spearheading. We've expanded throughout Texas and the surrounding states since our founding in 2018, and further expansion has already commenced. By the end of 2020, our sales team will grow to 50 people.

Oil and Gas and Beyond

Initially, our focus for equipment rentals has been within the oil and gas industry, since that's where Adam and Lance started out. But we're already expanding into additional industrial sectors—thanks to the industry-agnostic way we've built the technology. "Energy was the low-hanging fruit for us being that we've been in the industry for 10 years now with our contacts and what not," shared Adam. "But frankly it makes sense for us to move into those other spaces."

Listen to the full episode now here, or wherever you get your podcasts!

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