B2B technology providers that serve industrial markets have been focused solely on functionality for years. The technology that was built in the early 2000s (aka the dot-com boom) was able to get away with just functionality. If it worked, automated a task, or made a job easier, that was all that was needed.

But times have changed. As consumers, in our day-to-day lives, we are surrounded by amazing and easy-to-use technology. Think of Amazon, Uber, Dropbox, Instacart and so many more that you use constantly. Then, when you compare the technology you use at work to what you use every day at home, it may be a very sad and disappointing comparison. 

For so long, B2B technology has been lacking the convenience and comfort that is found in our consumer technology. But the advent of Industry 4.0 is sparking a much-needed movement in the world of B2B tech—creating more powerful and capable technology than ever before.

The “Consumerization” of B2B Technology

“Consumerization” is a movement in the B2B technology space that enables more intuitive and better performing tech, and takes advantage of current capabilities in technology. It is an approach where solutions are created with the user in mind at every step, on top of necessary functionality. It’s proactive, easy-to-use, and if done right, it makes you feel superhuman.

There are two key factors when it comes to good technology that goes beyond just functionality and actually empowers you: convenience and comfort. Sounds simple, right? But many B2B solutions are missing these aspects, especially when it comes to oil and gas.

One-Two Punch: Convenience and Comfort 

A good technology solution needs to provide you with convenience—meaning that it’s a simple solution for a task or process you’re already doing. And the solution also needs to provide comfort—meaning it’s intuitive and easy-to-use for any “skill” level, whether you’re the first in line for the new iPhone or proudly rocking a flip phone. 

When these two aspects are ignored, it results in technology that is counterintuitive, is hard to use, and worst of all, wastes time. The whole point of implementing tech is to save time, offload tasks, and have less frustration throughout your workday. If the technology isn't made with convenience and comfort in mind, it diminishes the entire value of the technology AND takes time and energy away from where it's really needed. 

Tech made correctly truly makes our work lives easier and frees up the time and energy to refocus it in the right places. If your current solution is not functional, convenient, and comfortable, it’s time for an upgrade. 

Where Tech Meets Grit 

B2B technology made with the same standards as consumer technology will revolutionize the way we do work. I couldn’t be more proud to have our company leading this charge for the folks in oil and gas. The consumerization of tech is driving everything we do here at Hitched—building a site management and marketplace platform designed to bring efficiency to industrial markets.

We build every aspect of our platform with convenience and comfort as our guiding light. Hitched brings convenience by taking complex processes like site management and asset procurement and turning them into elegant yet simple workflows. And with an interface that’s intuitive and easy-to-use no matter the user’s level of tech experience, comfort is cornerstone.

The Hitched platform enables powerful and intuitive site management, all viewed through the lens of a job site. This real-time visibility provides a clear view of the true costs across all of your job sites, without having to wait months for spend reports.

At the same time, our innovative Marketplace is reimaging asset procurement. It connects the best equipment and products to the people who need it. Hitched helps operators find what they need in just a few clicks—and helps providers, suppliers, and manufacturers increase utilization and revenue, as well as track their own inventory.

If you’re ready to reap the benefits of industrial management software designed for convenience and comfort, that empowers your team to become more efficient and effective, we’re ready to help.

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