What Our Customers Are Saying: Basin Power Solutions

Customer Quotes

We've been fortunate to work with Basin Power Solutions as a provider on the Hitched platform for some time. Helping them realize the most value possible from the platform is our number one goal.

When Mickey Mcdonough, Regional Manager at Basin Power Solutions, was asked about his experience using Hitched, he shared, "The Hitched platform works, for me, as my cheapest salesman. The folks at Hitched have established accounts that my guys may not have the time to go after... How could I not let them do the leg work?"

Who is Basin Power Solutions?

Basin Power Solutions is an industry leading power generation rental and service provider. Through their highly-skilled employees and top-of-the-line rental fleet, they provide best-in-class service and premium rental equipment to North American customers. Basin Power Solution's focus on reliability, efficiency, and cost makes them the perfect Hitched provider.

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