Streamline equipment rentals and services.

Save money, time, and effort with rentals and services, industrial e-commerce, and management features inside the Hitched platform.

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Features inside Hitched.

Every feature inside Hitched is designed to optimize equipment rentals, services, management, and logistics—resulting in unmatched visibility and financial gains for your company.

Search & Compare

Search equipment and services, and compare by price, availability, and rating.

Rent On Demand

Get equipment and services you need, when you need them, in a matter of seconds.

Select Terms & Payment

Transparent pricing with terms and payment methods you can customize.


Buy On Demand

Locate and buy products, equipment, and chemicals on demand.

Search & Compare

Search and compare thousands of options to find exactly what you need.

In-Platform Payment

Pay right inside the platform—transactions are centralized, streamlined, and secure.


Track Costs

View daily reports and analytics by project, equipment type, and provider.

Manage Job Sites

Drag and drop equipment between job sites, track budgets, and allocate spend between them.

No More Field Tickets

Gain visibility and end-to-end accountability that lets you avoid unnecessary charges.


Simplify operations, save money.

Eliminate paper field tickets and gain unprecedented visibility into equipment and costs across every job site.

  • Organize spending & costs across job sites

  • View real-time data on equipment

  • Pay one invoice instead of dozens

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