Site Management

See your job sites like never before. Whether it’s a drilling site, a completions job, or a construction project, job site management capabilities from Hitched give you the power to centralize and simplify operations, while effectively managing your inventory.

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Simplified Site Management Streamlines Operations

View everything through the lens of a job site and gain the visibility necessary to streamline operations. Add, track, and manage all of your job sites or yards, no matter where they are.

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Ultimate Asset Visibility Keeps Job Sites Running Smoothly

Create accountability and reveal opportunities for optimizing utilization. Hitched makes it easy to add, track, and manage your full equipment fleet or product inventory.

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Add Sites & Assets

Create your virtual job sites or yards and inventory of equipment and materials. Add your job sites by simply inputting a name, start and end dates, and location information. Add your assets and include as much information about them as you’d like—including description, quantity, and photos.

Track Quotes & Orders

Get centralized quote and order management that creates visibility and accountability. Plan and manage your job sites more efficiently by tracking assets along their rental or purchase lifecycle. Quickly see the status of any inbound, outbound, or past quotes, as well as the status of all orders from the marketplace. 

Manage Job Sites

Enjoy powerful and intuitive oilfield and construction site management where everything is viewed through the lens of a job site. Assign your asset’s location to a job site or yard for ultimate visibility of your inventory across all of your sites. Then, move assets between your job sites and yards as needed.

Manage Vendors & Customers

Keeping track of everyone you’re working with is an essential part of the job. Easily manage all of your existing vendors or customers with the Network feature inside Hitched. Quickly upload your list of approved vendors or customers to make managing those relationships easier than ever before.

Choose Easy, Get Hitched

Break free from old processes and menial work with a job site management solution that’s built to be powerful and easy-to-use.


Rent, Buy, or List Heavy Equipment & Materials

With the Hitched Marketplace, you’re only a few clicks away from the best equipment and products at the best prices. Spend less time finding exactly what your job site needs.

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