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Connecting the best equipment and services to the people who need it. Hitched helps operators find what they need in just a few clicks—and helps providers, suppliers, and manufacturers increase utilization and revenue.

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Save time and effort sourcing equipment and services. Meet your new digital procurement platform where equipment rentals and more are just a few clicks away. 


Evaluate the Market & Expand Opportunities

Instead of the traditional one-to-one marketplace approach, where one user connects with one provider at a time, the Hitched Marketplace lets you connect to multiple providers with one single quote request.

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Create Price Books

With Price Books, you can create and manage your specific product and service offerings to customers. Set standard pricing or pre-negotiated pricing for each item and make them available for building your quote responses. Your pricing is never shared publicly. Pricing information is controlled by you and only shared via a quote you create and send.

Source Equipment & Services

Find what you need from over 200 categories containing equipment rentals, services, and more. Keep your job site profitable by reducing costs and increasing efficiency across your operations.

Request Quotes

Get quotes from multiple providers on a single piece of equipment or service with just a few clicks. After you find the heavy equipment or services you need, select your desired quantity, site location, and target dates. Then get connected with providers that meet your criteria.

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Hitched is the only marketplace and management tool that can save you money, time, and effort every single day.


Simplify Operations, Save Money

With management capabilities from Hitched, you can gain unprecedented visibility into equipment and costs across every job site.

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